About Dr. Silvio


Dr. Heather Silvio, a clinical psychologist, is the author of thirteen books [plus three boxset collections], including ten fiction and three nonfiction works. She currently works as a consultant for Dak Prescott’s Faith Fight Finish Foundation as a curriculum developer, trainer, and steering committee member. A former Lieutenant Commander in the US Public Health Service, Dr. Silvio previously worked as the co-lead of the PTSD Treatment Program at the Department of Veterans Affairs in Las Vegas and as a law enforcement trainer locally with the Las Vegas Metro Police Dept and nationally with the Community Safety Institute. From 2019-2020, as the Deputy Director of the Council for a Strong America’s Police Training Institute, she developed and delivered law enforcement training across the country, specifically aimed at bridging the gap with community youth.

Heather is also an actress and award-winning screenwriter. She has appeared on stage around the country in numerous productions, including in The Rocky Horror Show, Reservoir Dolls, and The 39 Steps. She has appeared on television and in the movies with independent filmmakers and big-budget productions. Prior to moving to Florida in 2020, she also appeared frequently on television in Las Vegas as an expert in psychology (click here for video links) and as the on-air spokesperson for the Red Cross of Southern Nevada.

For more information or to contact Dr. Silvio, visit http://www.heathersilvio.com.