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Thank you for all the suggestions for articles to include! As always, this page will contain articles demonstrating Special Snowflake Syndrome, institution capitulation to special snowflakes, responses to unreasonable requests, and ways the tide may be turning.

Articles are organized by date. Note that as of fall 2020, since Dr. Silvio is working on her follow-up to Special Snowflake Syndrome, this list will no longer be updated. Please enjoy the current list.

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2020 Articles

What Do All the Snowflake Emojis Mean on TikTok? Travis, A. (2020, Sep 10).

USC Professor Placed on Leave after Black Students Complained His Pronunciation of a Chinese Word Affected Their Mental Health Bernstein, B. (2020, Sep 3).

‘Costco Karen’ Goes Viral After She Throws Temper Tantrum From Being Asked to Wear Face Mask Montgomery, S.J. (2020, July 4.)

The perils of being perpetually offended McLaughlin, K. (2020, Jun 11).

So what’s a snowflake? Baxter, L. (2020, Jun 11).

Who Are Snowflakes: Generation Snowflake And The Controversial Word McKay, R. (2020, Feb 24).

The Enemies of Writing, A writer who’s afraid to tell people what they don’t want to hear has chosen the wrong trade. Packer, G. (2020, Jan 23).

2019 Articles

Baby boomers are the most sensitive generation, a new study says — and it shows exactly what the world is getting wrong about millennials Hoffower, H. (2019, Dec 15).

Handling the political opinions of family during holiday meals Young, T. (2019, Dec 1).

Snowflakes: An Educational Problem Curtis, M. (2019, Nov 28).

‘Snowflake’ conservatives have white-hot meltdown over getting ‘betrayed’ by Chick-fil-A Reed, B. (2019, Nov 27).

Content warning: this festival is for ‘generation snowflake’ Love, C. (2019, Oct 16).

‘OK’ sign, ‘bowlcut,’ anti-antifa logo added to ADL ‘hate’ list Richardson, V. (2019, Sep 26).

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Who Decides Who’s Allowed to Say the N-Word? Abdul-Jabbar, K. (2019, Sep 9).

Liberals Are Triggered By Dave Chappelle’s Latest Netflix Special…Which Means You Should Watch It Vespa, M. (2019, Aug 27).

‘Snowflake’ is an insult now! 15 new words for Gen Z added to the dictionary in 2019 India Today WebDesk (2019, Aug 12).

Who Is The Snowflake Generation And Why Are They Fun To Hate? De Maricourt, C. (2019, Jun 9).

Merriam-Webster adds political definitions of ‘snowflake,’ ‘purple’ Bowden, J. (2019, Apr 23).

Are Trigger Warnings Actually Helpful? Kaufman, S. B. (2019, Apr 5).

Amherst College backs down on PC ‘language guide’ Cotter, S.P. (2019, Mar 21).

New App Lets Trump Supporters Find “Safe Spaces” To Avoid Liberals Cousins, F. (2019, Mar 16).

Mental Health Issues Increased Significantly in Young Adults Over Last Decade American Psychological Association (2019, Mar 8).

Opinion: Liberals aren’t the only ones guilty of being ‘snowflakes’ Rubio, D. (2019, Feb 20).

2018 Articles

British Film Institute Announces No More Funding for Films Depicting Villains with Facial Scars Baculi, S. (2018, Dec 3).

Study: 1 In 4 College Students Diagnosed With Mental Health Condition Study Finds (2018, Sept 8).

THE KIDS AREN’T ALL RIGHT What is a snowflake, what’s the origin of the term and who are ‘Generation Snowflake’? Harrison, G. (2018, Jul 11).

University of Texas to Treat Masculinity as a ‘Mental Health’ Issue Airaksinen, T. (2018, Apr 27).

New York University issues public apology for ‘racially insensitive’ meal served during Black History Month Ritschel, C. (2018, Feb 22).

Are You a Campus Snowflake? Here are 3 Ways to Tell MattWriter (2018, Feb 19).

Professor Uses ‘N-Word,’ Student Shouts ‘F-You,’ ‘Free Speech’ Class Canceled at Princeton Rubenstein, A. (2018, Feb 12).

We All Live on Campus Now Sullivan, A. (2018, Feb 9).

2017 Articles

College enlists Care Bears to comfort stressed-out students Dillon, K. (2017, Dec 11).

Don’t call us snowflakes – it damages our mental health, say young people Rudgard, O. (2017, Dec 6).

We just can’t cope with essay deadlines and tests stress us out, moan ‘snowflake’ students Petre, J. (2017, Nov 11).

Poll Reveals How Many Students Believe Violence Is Warranted to Suppress Speech Knighton, T. (2017, Sept 19).

Ahead Of Ben Shapiro’s Speech, UC Berkeley Offers Counseling Services to Students If They Feel ‘Threatened’ Haltiwanger, J. (2017, Sept 8).

The latest term deemed offensive by college administrators: ‘last name’ College Fix Staff (2017, Sept 7).

Oxford Students Triggered By Chancellor’s Comments Find Safe Space With Student Group Cheong, I.M. (2017, Sept 7).

Why ESPN’s Utter Insanity Over ‘Robert Lee’ Matters Ziegler, J. (2017, Aug 23).

UC Berkeley chancellor unveils ‘Free Speech Year’ as right-wing speakers plan campus events Watanabe, T. (2017, Aug 15).

Ritzy College Students Feel ‘UNSAFE’ Because Of This Mike Pence Photo Owens, E. (2017, Aug 15).

Toxic Feminism Has Now Infected Yet Another Lucrative Industry Cheong, I.M. (2017, Aug 9).

Prof lets students choose own grades for ‘stress reduction’ Gockowski, A. (2017, Aug 7).

Psychologists say more and more young people are entitled Evans, G. (2017, Jul 30).

Adam Carolla, Ben Shapiro testify against campus SJW attacks on free speech Morse, B. (2017, Jul 27).

Mental Health Problems Rising Among College Students James, S.D. (2017, Jun 28).

Student asks court to force poetry prof to give her an A Lesk, S. (2017, Jun 8).

Yale Snowflakes Are On A ‘Symbolic’ Hunger Strike. College Republicans Just Trolled Them In The Best Way. Prestigiacomo, A. (2017, Apr 30).

Berkley cancels Ann Coulter speech over safety fears. Fuller, T. (2017, April 19).

World Health Day: Millennial women face new mental health struggles in the workplace. Paul, K. (2017, April 7).

College campus free-speech zones face new scrutiny, lawsuit. Binkley, C. (2017, March 28).

CEO creates ‘Snowflake Test’ to weed out job applicants [VIDEO]. Fox Business Videos. (2017, March 22).

College removes scales after students complain it’s ‘triggering’. Perez, S. (2017, March 14).

‘Pioneer Woman’ under fire for racist segment about Asian wings. Moye, D. (2017, March 10).

Moral outrage is self-serving, say psychologists. Brown, E. (2017, March 1).

Jeffrey Dean Morgan blasts ‘Walking Dead’ t-shirt uproar: People are stupid. Otterson, J. (2017, February 23).

College writing center declares American grammar a ‘racist,’ ‘unjust language structure’. Shimshock, R. (2017, February 20).

Publishers are hiring ‘sensitivity readers’ to flag potentially offensive content. Mason, E. (2017, February 15).

How much coverage did CNN actually devote to Clinton’s emails? Here’s the data. Leetaru, K. (2017, February 1).

Amherst student expelled for sexual misconduct can’t defend himself: It would ‘impose psychological trauma’ on accuser. Soave, R. (2017, January 31).

Chuck Palahniuk takes credit for ‘snowflake’ term, thinks the Left needs to get its sh*t together. Hooten, C. (2017, January 24).

Blizzard of ‘snowflakes’ prove political correctness is killing colleges. Metaxas, E. (2017, January 23).

Universities warned over ‘snowflake’ student demands. Turner, C. (2017, January 8).

Has Political Correctness Gone off the Rails in America? Oehmke, P. (2017, January 5).

2016 Articles

A Marxist Education In ‘Hypersensitivity’ As A Cause Of Violence On American Campuses.
Lindsay, T. (2016, December 27).

College Officials Tell Students: You May Speak Freely As Long As It’s Within Our (Tiny) Speech Zone.
Leef, G. (2016, December 15).

‘Tolerant’ educators exile Trump voters from campus. Reynolds, G.H. (2016, November 14).

UMich Las School Cancels Trump Trauma Play-Doh Event After Mass Ridicule. Yiannopoulos, M. (2016, November 12).

Campus police to probe ‘offensive’ Halloween costumes, students told. Van Voorhis, P. (2016, October 25).

Left-Wing Berkeley Protesters Demand ‘Spaces of Color’, Harass White Students Trying to Pass. Mikelionis, L. (2016, October 24).

Universities Ban Politically Incorrect Halloween Costumes. Williams, T.D. (2016, October 22).

Rise of ‘predictable’ exam papers due to fears of social media backlash, expert argues. Espinoza, J. (2016, October 21).

A professor made ‘effort’ worth 10 percent of students’ grades. The school said that’s sexual harassment. Kristian, B. (2016, October 13).

Professor explains the rise of ‘precious snowflakes’ – cites narcissism, over-nurturing. Hardiman, K. (2016, October 12).

U of Florida offers 24/7 counseling for students ‘troubled’ by Halloween costumes. Skinner, V. (2016, October 12).

Triggered Students ‘Fear for Their Safety’ Following MILO Talk. Kew, B. (2016, October 11).

What happened to American universities?: Column. Montz, R. (2016, October 11).

Professor Slams “Special Snowflakes” Living In “Fantasy World” Durden, T. (2016, Oct 11).

Students Flood College Mental-Health Centers. Petersen, A. (2016, October 10).

I was reported for gender misconduct for calling myself handsome in class. Sweetwood, B. (2016, October 1).

University of Kansas students berate, scream at conservative classmates in obscene tirade. Zanotti, E. (2016, October 1).

‘His Majesty’: Student single-handedly defeats an army of gender neutral activists. Starnes, T. (2016, September 30).

Young women at staggeringly high risk of anxiety and depression. Nagesh, A. (2016, September 29).

University of Wisconsin to scrutinize Halloween costumes for ‘racism’. Olson, K. (2016, September 29).

These peeping Tom decorations started as a Halloween joke. One mom isn’t laughing. Wang, A. (2016, September 27).

KU bars gorillas from jungle-theme decoration due to ‘masculine image’. Gockowski, A. (2016, September 26).

Disney axes ‘healthy gumbo’ recipe with kale amid social media backlash. FoxNews (2016, September 15).

UCLA freshman sends roommates list of demands before semester begins. FoxNews (2016, September 14).

EXCLUSIVE: Ivy League Student Brought To Tears By Trump Chalking [VIDEO]. Pfeiffer, A. (2016, September 13).

The four-letter word that has liberal celebrities ducking for cover. Callahan, M. (2016, September 10).

Mom To Hiring Manager: ‘Mind If I Skype In To My Son’s Interview?’ Lipman, V. (2016, September 6).

Social Justice Warriors Push Teen to Suicide. Cheong, I.M. (2016, August 30).

Students add trigger warnings to posts on Pokemon GO, U.S. Constitution, ‘white men’. Airaksinen, T. (2016, August 29).

University to Freshmen: Don’t Expect Safe Spaces or Trigger Warnings. Grieve, P. (2016, August 24).

Princeton HR department: Don’t use word ‘man’. Beaman, J. (2016, August 18).

Seth Rogen’s Animated Food Movie ‘Sausage Party’ Crashed by SJWs, Accused of Racism. Teodorczuk, T. (2016, August 11).

Microaggression madness: Footwear flattery and Santa cause coed kerfuffle. Starnes, T. (2016, June 27).

Meet ‘Generation Snowflake’ – the hysterical young women who can’t cope with being offended. Hamill, J. (2016, June 9).

Yale English students demand ‘safe space’ from white authors like Shakespeare. Campbell, G. (2016, June 8).

DePaul Women’s Studies department organises ‘safe space’ after Milo event. Hadfield, J. (2016, May 26).

UMass Amherst students throw temper tantrum at free speech event. Campus Reform (2016, April 26).

Short white guy tells college students he identifies as tall Chinese woman…their responses prove we’re DOOMED. The Analytical Economist. (2016, April 19).

WATCH: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog takes on trigger warnings and safe spaces. It’s epic. Barrett, J. (2016, February 10).

Before 2016

Mass media professor under fire for confronting video journalist at Mizzou. Moyer, J., Miller, M., & Holley, P. (2015, November 10).

Yale Students Demand Resignations from Faculty Members Over Halloween Email Hudler, H. (2015, November 6).

The Real Reason We Need to Stop Trying to Protect Everyone’s Feelings. Holiday, R. (2015, September 10).

Britain’s crazy decision to ban ‘beach body’ ads. Crocker, L. (2015, April 30).

Special Snowflake Syndrome Trigger Warning: I’m A Jerk. Lee, K. (2014, December 18).

Latest campus trend? Tossing out graduation speakers. Frumin, A. (2014, May 14).

Fit mom defends controversial photo: ‘I never called you fat’. Murphy, E. (2013, October 15).

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